Red Hat Software

Corporate Brand Development

Image was everything for this now international software company that came to BLANK as a three-person start-up needing graphic design and branding services. With nothing but a name and a great product, Red Hat tasked us with developing a visual identity and marketing story for their company. Following numerous client interviews and an extensive audit of Red Hat’s position in the current market, BLANK created the Red Hat Secret Agent Man, a heroic symbol of the underdog, targeting their cult like, monopoly “revoltee” following. The brand identity and unordinary advertising campaigns BLANK developed not only helped fuel their exponential growth and success, but helped change marketing trends for many start-up software companies to follow. To further solidify the Red Hat brand, BLANK also developed a comprehensive stationery identity, corporate marketing materials, software packaging, Web site, and promotional products for the company. BLANK provided Red Hat with the graphic consistency and branding standards necessary to compete in the marketplace, operate in real time, and grow.

Red Hat Software went on to have one of the most successful Initial Public Offerings of their kind. Now a multi-billion international company, Red Hat has become known for their brand and immediately recognized by its Secret Agent Man logo.